This Military Grade Wearable Ultrasonic Repellent Wards Off Mosquitoes In Minutes 

It’s the next game changer in pest control

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BREAKING: A MOSQUITO-BORNE disease that causes brain swelling has been reported in Florida and health authorities are advising residents to protect themselves against mosquitoes bites. This scientifically proven anti-mosquito wristband may be the answer we need to prevent future mosquito carrying diseases. Click here to find out how you can protect yourself and your family.

By Shannon McKinnon 
Published on Jul 23, 2020
Last Updated: Aug 1, 2020

When warmer temperatures arrive, so do bugs and mosquitoes. That’s why summer months are breeding grounds for pesky mosquitoes. When that happens, you need to take every precaution available to protect yourself and your family from these flying predators and keep them safe from contracting mosquito-borne diseases like Zika or Malaria.

There have been other types of mosquito repellent devices and bug zappers in the market but not all of them work the SAME. Even the best essential oils and citronella candles only have a slight chance of repelling any mosquito. Products containing DEET (a chemical compound N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) are the most effective but it may also cause neurological damage.

Not All Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Works The SAME.

Even the best essential oils only have a percentage chance of repelling any given mosquito. That means some mosquitoes will get through. 

As the old adage goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Recently a company took matters into their own hands to develop a safer and more efficient alternative to repelling mosquitos. It’s called SonicShield™ ,the latest smart wearable device that uses ultrasonic sound waves to ward off mosquitoes naturally.  

Backed By Scientific Research, Ultrasound Vibrations Can Be Used As A Biocontrol For Mosquitoes

According to scientific studies, insects like mosquitoes respond to sounds at 38-44 kHz. Male mosquitoes are the natural enemy of female mosquitoes after breeding. Only female mosquitoes feed on human blood protein for the maturation of their eggs.
On the first day of emergence, the female mosquito will detect the presence of males by sensing the ultrasonic waves produced by them and will avoid them by not allowing the males to mate with them.
By using an ultrasonic wave generator, it mimics the sounds produced by the males at a frequency of 38kHz, creating stress on the sensilla present on the antenna of female mosquitoes, so they move away from the source of the sound.  

What Makes SonicShield™ Different From The Rest?

The SonicShield™ uses this principle and employs a military grade ultrasonic technology sensor to emanate high frequency sounds that block all types of mosquito, making it twice more efficient than other mosquito repellents available. This technology was widely used by the military for soldiers in war zones like Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan where Malaria is widely spread.

Heats from sound wave vibration can stunt the growth of the mosquito larvae and the adult mosquitoes thermally. While this wearable repellent may not entirely eradicate the species, they create a barrier or shield around you making them lose their ability to detect hosts which protects you from bites.

The advantage of using ultrasonic waves is this action does not affect the human ear because its frequency is beyond the normal human hearing range. It also uses a biocontrol response to repelling mosquitoes naturally without using any poisonous chemicals that could harm humans or the environment.

Unlike other methods like bug zappers and UV light repellents, SonicShield™ works at preventing mosquitoes from even coming close to you, eliminating the problem before it even starts. It’s super easy to use and you can wear it with you at all times without having to lug around a device and find a plug point to connect your zapper to a power source. 

Other Benefits of Using SonicShield™

Design & Build

It's sleek and minimal design makes it look more like a smart watch than mosquito repellent. The silicon strap is breathable, sturdy and waterproof. It does not produce any foul smell, nor should the cartridge be replaced periodically.
Long Lasting Hours

Long battery life identical to those soldiers worn by soldiers on the field. Fast charging technology up to 30 minutes per charge lasting more than 130 hours of protection for an area of 15 sq ft.

SonicShield™ is reusable upon every charge and non-toxic unlike other aerosol can repellent or repellent mats that cause poisoning. This sonic wristband keeps mosquitoes away without harmful chemicals, odors or fumes. 

HOW TO USE SonicShield™

  • Fully charge the device before use.
  • Place it in the silicon wristband
  • Turn on to mode that fits your need from 3 available choices (Outdoor,Indoor and Silent mode)
  • You're all protected and good to go! 

Some of our readers have tried out SonicShield™ during its pre launch sales and shared their honest review of the product.

Perfect Outdoor Protection
"I have always been a mosquito magnet, until this come along, it is so effective. I used to get out all the mornings with the kayak, and came back with so many bites... I was really desperate to find something that worked, but now I can get out with the kayak, SonicShield™ wristband and no bites!" - Layla Gomez

Best Ever!
“I used to use mosquitoes patches that would fall off later but this wristband stay on perfectly, reusable and aesthetically pleasing too. My kids love them too since they look as cool as smart watch” - Germaine Jones  

Works Perfectly
“ I was sick of spraying smelling liquids on my body. I checked Consumer Reports and found these bracelets. Got this cool gadget in mail in 1 week time and they work! Salute the technology nowadays. I'm really pleased!” - Elisabeth Keating

Highly Recommended!
“Love this product! Perfect size and looking good. I often see people use stickers or patches on clothes collar to protect themselves from mosquito bite. This looks so much more pleasant and works well!” - Matthew Parente

It Works!
"15 of us used this at a campground for four days where there were a lot of mosquitos but we all came back without being bitten! Some folks who didn't have the bracelets too said they weren't bitten as long as they were close to those wearing the bracelets. So this thing is quite powerful. And from what I understand, it is chemical-free." - Deanna

Contribution from our readers.

Some of our readers have shared their experience after using SonicShield™ .

Dashawn Howe

"These work fantastic! I was in Costa Rica for 10 days in the rain forest, and I wore these constantly. They got wet, dirty and continued to work great. Grab these for summer--you won't be dissapointed.

Check Availability

Rasha Hussain

"I used these in Thailand and only got 3 mosquito bites the whole week which I think was pretty impressive. So much better than spraying myself with Deet that will just sweat off anyway in a humid climate

Check Availability

Carolyn Callebs

"These bracelets work great to fend off mosquitos. We let our kids wear them to camping and they both came home without any mosquito bites at all while there were tons!

Check Availability

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Get your SonicShield™
and enjoy a mosquito free summer today! 

Allan McDonald

I think I have heard about this when i was serving the Navy. I was always wonder why it wasn't make available to the public back then.Now it does.

Like  Reply ● 10 mins ago

Courtney Figueroa

 I've just bought 2 units for my kids as summer approaching.

Like  Reply ● 7 mins ago

Dolores Copeland ● Valued Contributor

Where did you buy yours?

Like  Reply ● 3 mins ago

Allan McDonald

I bought mine here:

Like  Reply ● less than 1 min ago

Ricardo Fox

Thanks! I've ordered mine!!

Like  Reply ● 3 hours ago

Angelina Craig

do they really work?

Like  Reply ● 7 hours ago

Carl Coleman ● Valued Contributor

Yes it does ! It's totally different from the repellent bracelet that I used to know.

Like  Reply ● 57 mins ago

Mitchell Dennis

Bruh i didnt even know this was a thing when i used a lot of mosquitoes spray to stay away from mosquito. This is definitely a better one. Shall buy a few sets for my kids too.

Like  Reply ● 3 hours ago

Velma Larson

Has anybody try it? Does it last or just another device that too good to be?

Like  Reply ● 1 day ago

Carl Coleman ● Valued Contributor

That's what I thought at first too.But it works!  

Like  Reply ● 1 day ago

Frederick Wilkins

I got this after seeing it at a innovative tech expo. I am surprised that this thing wasn't widely introduce back then! 

Like  Reply ● 2 days ago

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